The People Perish for Lack of Knowledge.

Christianism is fatal. It truly does prepare its followers for an early rendezvous with the gates of pearl and streets of gold. They follow, good sheep that they are, while their leadership enjoys the fruits of their followers’ labor. A true example of the prosperity gospel.

Christianism is power. It seeks raw power in a Republican democracy. It wraps itself in the flag. It claims the “Founding Fathers” as their own. It denounces their non-followers as demonic and as destroyers of the American fabric. It seeks uber-tolerance of their proselytizing, while claiming tax-exempt status.

Christianism is jingoistic. It seeks to isolate. It upholds a warped sense of the desires of other cultures. Partnered with it ideological twin, Americanism, it seeks to impose a governmental system on other sovereign nations.

Christianism is not Christianity. It is a great pretender. It is a belief system based on out-of-context proof texts. Its precepts are birthed from of a vengeful Old Testament God and a Hellenist preacher named Paul, whose alleged writings sought to maintain the societal norms of an Imperial Rome.

Christianism is not a religion. It is an educational movement that disputes scientific principles that counter its sacred text, a 17th century translation sponsored by an King wanting to solidify his power. It is a cultural movement that does not recognize the right of women to lead or to teach men and once used scripture to justify slavery in America. It is a societal movement which does not seek to champion those who are stranger or outcast, unlike the Christ it claims as its own. Since early 1960, it started to become a political movement after the hijacking of the Southern Baptist Convention leadership.

Christianism not a successful governing model. It is a structure that fractures when disagreement arise. It is resistant to intellectual growth. Its roots can be traced to a movement that brought down and murdered an English King. It has prayed for the destruction of people who rejected conversion, It has not contributed to the prosperity of any society.

This blog’s vision is to present “just the facts” to counter innuendo and tall tales. To present a truly Christian viewpoint to counter the loud-mouthed impostor, Christianism. To illuminate the faith system legitimately based upon the life and teachings of a Man from the village of Nazareth at the time of Roman occupation.

To simply call out that “real” Christians need to reclaim Christianity.

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